The National Museum of Art of Romania
Places of our art and history

Places of our art and history

From 29 May 2021 10:00 until 01 November 2021 18:00
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The Throne Hall, the Royal Dining Room and the Voïvods’ Stairs can now be visited during the NMAR regular opening hours: Wednesday - Sunday, 10.00 -18.00 hrs. from 29 May to 1 November 2021
These opening hours are due to the fact that the throne belonging to all kings of Romania can once more be seen in the Throne Hall, after an absence of more than 70 years. It is borrowed from the Golești Museum, being part of its collections. It is made of gilded wood adorned with semiprecious stones; on the back of the throne there is the cipher of King Carol I, cast in ormolu applied on Algerian onix.

The Throne Hall can be reached through the monumental Voïvods’ Stairs in Carrara marble. At the end of the stairs one can admire The Apotheosis by Arthur Verona (1867-1946), the ceiling fresco representing an allegory of the Unification of Transylvania with Romania and the frieze of portraits by sculptor Cornel Medrea (1888-1946) showing voïvods and kings of Romania in medalions.
A monumental royal crest is placed on the wall opposite to the throne apse; on the two sides of the crest there are portraits of Kings Carol I and Ferdinand made by painter Aurel Bordenache (1902-1987) in 1934. The ceiling is decorated with a fresco by Cecilia Cuţescu-Storck, commissioned by King Carol II and showing the Arts (painting, sculpting, music, tragedy, comedy, poetry) ”symbolically represented on a feast day under the Romanian sky with the spirits of victory and glory descending from heavens to crown the efforts of Romanian arts”, as described by the artist herself, in the autobiography Fresco of a lifetime.

On the ground floor, the Royal Dining Room is distinguished by the decoration of the coffered ceiling inspired by the work of English architect Robert Adam (1760-1800), the floors in French and Belgian marble and the fireplaces in Romanian Ruşchiţa marble.
All these elements reflect the decorating style preferred by Queen Marie and her son King Carol II. The original decoration includes several large canvases by renowned Romanian painters of the interwar period: Countryside Feast, Pierrot and Columbine by Iosif Iser (1881-1958), Fruits of the Earth and Game by Rudolf Schweitzer-Cumpăna (1886-1975).


Since their 1935 inauguration, the hystorical spaces in the central wing of the Royal Palace were ravaged by the Second World War, became part of the State Council offices during the communist regime and were once again seriously damaged during the events of December 1989. They were reopened in 2013, following a lengthy restoration process which brought them back to their original glory.

Opening hours: Wednesday – Sunday, 10.00 -18.00 hrs. Last admission at 17.30.
Ticket price at the entrance: 20 lei / pers. Ticket price online: 22 lei / pers.
Photos only with mobile phone.
We are looking forward to your visit!

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