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A Phentermine narcotic antagonist such as nalorphine, levallorphan or naloxone should be available for use as indicated to manage respiratory depression. Phentermine duration of respiratory depression following overdosage of Sublimaze may be longer than the duration of narcotic antagonist action. With this dose, in addition to adequate analgesia, one would expect to see some abolition of the stress response. During open heart surgery and certain more complicated neurosurgical and orthopedic procedures where surgery is more Phentermine, and in the opinion of the anesthesiologist, the stress response to surgery would be detrimental to Phentermine well being of the patient, dosages of 20 to 50 mcgkg (0. When dosages in this range have been used during surgery, postoperative ventilation and Phentermine are essential due to extended Phentermine respiratory depression.

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