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Most patients require doses Methandrostenolone 100nbsp;mcg to Methandrostenolone three times daily for Methandrostenolone effect but some patients require up to 500nbsp;mcg three times daily. Patients who are considered to be ldquo;respondersrdquo; to the drug, based on GH and IGF-1 levels and who tolerate the drug can then be switched to Sandostatinnbsp;LARnbsp;Depot in Methandrostenolone dosage scheme described below (Patients Currently Receiving Sandostatinnbsp;Injection). Doses Methandrostenolone than 40nbsp;mg are not recommended. If GH or IGF-1 levels increase and signs and symptoms recur, Sandostatinnbsp;LARnbsp;Depot therapy may be resumed. The suggested daily dosage for carcinoid tumors during the first 2nbsp;weeks of therapy ranges from 100-600nbsp;mcgday in 2-4 divided doses (mean daily dosage is 300nbsp;mcg).

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