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Fight COVID-19. Practice socialising with art.

Fight COVID-19. Practice socialising with art.

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Enjoy paintings from the Museum’s collections and share the well-meant advice that comes with them!

While many of us #StayHome (in Romanian #StamAcasa), we can still enjoy art. Miss visiting the National Museum of Art of Romania as a socialising opportunity? Share with friends the joy of looking at several paintings to alleviate a common longing for going out and spending time with family and dear ones. We all hope for better times when self-isolation will no longer be necessary and we may return to our former life-style.
Reveling at artworks may even remind us prevention measures are SO important!

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Leave home only if you are travelling to work, buy groceries or have a medical emergency! Retain and consolidate spiritual resilience by practicing virtual museum- and theatre-going. These were not available a century ago, when Nicolae Dărăscu painted Calea Victoriei on a Rainy Evening, showing so many people coming to (or leaving?) a performance at the National Theatre!

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Buy groceries for a couple of days so that you don’t need to get out every day, but do not allow panic overcome solidarity. Feast on art such as David Teniers the Younger’s Flemish Interior and remember - other people need actual food as well! Perhaps they also need spiritual food – forward this article to your close ones so they can enjoy it too!

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During #StayHome, use online resources to listen to concerts and watch opera, theatre performances and movies shared by cultural institutions worldwide. The time will come for us to play music live as they did when Abraham Van der Schoor painted his Concert.

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Markets, fairs and busy public spaces are to be strictly avoided. After all we have home deliveries, by no means as widely available when Alexandru Poitevin-Scheletti painted his Bazaca Inn and the crowded shopping street as they are now.

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No matter how nice the weather is, forget about picnics, barbacues and other popular entertainments until the pandemic is over. Be sure people pictured in Theodor Aman’s On the Terrace at Sinaia certainly had no flu to fear!

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Let parties, with or without musicians, wait for the time being. As self-isolation will turn into a memory celebrations will certainly be in line. Until then give yourself the chance to enjoy the idle hours of the afternoon like never before by looking at Theodor Aman’s – Party with Musicians.

Call your loved ones especially if they are in the countryside and have less access to information. Tell them how important it is to #StayHome throughout this period – for their sake and yours! A hundred and fifty years ago, when Theodor Aman painted The Catholic Church at Câmpulung, long-distance communication was not what it is today!

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Keep at least a 1 metre distance from everyone else and refrain from all those little reflex gestures we have when meeting someone dear. We’ll hug and kiss once this period is over. Until then let’s show our love by not touching them just as advised in Bartholomäus Spranger’s Noli me tangere (Touch me not).

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